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 Our Kids Rock

​​​​​​​​​​Our Kids Rock showcases student accomplishments and creative learning opportunities. RPS 205 wants the community to be aware of the incredible educational opportunities available for students. Explore this website to learn why Our Kids Rock!

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Meet Kate Dennis​

Kate Dennis holding basketball 

Guilford High School Sophomore Kate Dennis dreams of studying sports medicine and playing basketball at Duke University. Outside of school commitments, she makes time to play competitive basketball. 'It's hard to juggle everything,' she said. 'But you just have to keep your eye on the target and try to do the best you can in everything you do.' She led the Eisenhower Middle School Eagles to the IESA Class 4A state tournament and competes with the Illinois Elite AAU National Basketball Club. Kate was recently awarded the 2017 IESA Scholar Attitude Award. Learn more about Kate on the RPS 205 blog.

​Meet Rubi and Perla Cerceda-Esparza

Rubi and Perla Cerceda-Esparza

(L-R) Twins Rubi and Perla pose in Whitehead's library.

Rubi and Perla Cerceda-Esparza are proud to call Whitehead Elementary School home. Rubi enjoys working on her writing and division skills. Rubi's favorite activity is playing soccer. Her goal is to become a professional soccer player. Perla enjoys math, reading and writing. Her favorite part of the day is recess. Perla plans to pursue a career as a nurse.

 Meet ​​Orintho Farris

Orintho Farris
 Auburn High School graduate Orintho Farris officiates games for the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). He says, "I'm all about the rules. If it's not by the book, I'm not going to do it." Orintho wants to be a high school principal. Read more about Orintho​ on the RPS 205 blog.

 Meet Angel Martinez

Angel Martinez
​Auburn High School graduate Angel Martinez studied in the CAPA Academy's technical theatre program. Angel dedicates ​time to competitive boxing. Angel is a U.S. National youth boxing champion, a National Golden Gloves champion and the 2017 Youth Male Boxer of the Year. Angel earned the 2018 RPS 205 Male Student Athlete of the Year Award. ​Angel plans to pursue a career in the medical field. 

Meet Cameron Williams

Cameron Williams 

Gregory fifth grader Cameron Williams loves checking out history and military books from his school library. He wants to be a lawyer one day.

Meet Brianna Battles

Brianna Battles

Wilson ASPIRE's Brianna Battles poses with her artwork. Brianna enjoys working on arts and crafts with her teacher Emma McWilliams. She looks forward to physical education class and community outings. Brianna aspires to be a veterinarian so she can help animals in need. 

Meet Katherlin Kim ​

Katherlin Kim ​
Katherlin Kim chooses what she works on each day at Maria Montessori at Marsh. This fifth grader enjoys reading, writing and helping peers with their work plans. Katherlin aspires to become a veterinarian. She loves animals, especially dogs and peacocks.

Meet Juliana Solis

Juliana Solis

Juliana Solis graduated from the Human and Public Services (HPS) Academy at Jefferson High School​. She aspires to be a probation officer.​ Juliana planned join the Navy after graduation.​

Meet Derrick Taylor Jr.

Derrick Tayl​or Jr.​
Derrick Taylor Jr. enjoys Math and P.E. The West Middle School sixth grader wants to be a basketball player when he grows up. Derrick also wants to study snakes after falling in love with nature during a field trip to Severson Dells Nature Center.​

 Meet Vittoris Cloyd

Vittoris Cloyd

Vittoris Cloyd likes learning math using interactive materials at Kis​hwaukee Elementary School. The second grader understands the importance of reading and writing skills to prepare for the future. After college, Vittoris would like to join a SWAT team.

Meet Angelic Little

Angelic Little
Roosevelt graduate Angelic Little completed a ​Capstone project to raise awareness for domestic violence. Through the project she raised money for a local non-profit group that helps domestic violence victims. Angelic will now focus on the medical field at Rock Valley College.

​​​Meet Taylor Bannister

Taylor Bannister
Taylor Bannister enjoys being a student at West View Elementary School. ​The third grader especially enjoys music class. ​Taylor wants to be a singer someday just like Taylor Swift.

Meet James Andrade

James Andrade
James Andrade is excited to say "Roosevelt has helped me mature and grow a lot." He currently works at Lifetouch as a machine operator. James graduat​ed in May 2015 and will ​​study computer programming at ITT Tech.​

Meet Violet Sjostrom
Violet Sjostrom
Violet Sjostrom loves learning at Brookview where she explores​ many of her interests​.​ The fourth grader is preparing for a dual career in veterinary science and art.

 Meet Kemyra Horton

Kemyra Horton 

Kemyra Horton enjoys reading sight word books at Welsh Elementary School. At home she likes to play games with her brother. Kemyra dreams of making cars like her mom and being a butterfly when she grows up.​

Meet Antonio Ramirez III

Antonio Ramirez III

Jefferson High School graduate Antonio Ramirez III took advantage of his time in the Academies program to prepare for college and his career. He aspires to become a children's crisis counselor. 

Meet Kirstin Porter
Kirstin Porter
Auburn High School graduate Kirstin Porter focuses on fine arts and science. She was an active member of CAPA and the speech team, while working towards ​a career in medicine. The RPS 205 academy model allowed Kirstin to get hands-​on experience and take essential courses to prepare for her future.​

Meet Jack Peacock

Jack Peacock
Jack Peacock is a second grader in the Gifted Academy at Thurgood Marshall Elementary. ​By night Jack dreams of becoming a Power Ranger or Construction Worker. He loves the creative experience of building things at school and one day ​hopes to build bridges and "really, really tall buildings."

 Meet Braxton Washington

Braxton Washington 

Jefferson High School EMITT Academy grad Braxton Washington is ​college and career ready. Braxton credits his teachers who guided him on the path toward success.

​​Meet Erik Olson

Erik Olson                        

Erik Olson graduated from East High School in May 2015. The recent grad ​composed music used for the Our Kids Rock campaign. He says, "My involvement in East’s music program has immensely helped me grow as a musician, both through the excellent music teachers and the plentiful opportunities I’ve been fortunate enough to have been given as a musician through school."  Erik plans to attend college with a focus in audio engineering and production.​​​

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