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Gifted Academy Eligibility Testing


​​​​​Click here to register for the Jan. 20 gifted eligibility​ test​.

The Gifted Academy is one of many specialized programs in the Rockford Public Schools. We recognize that gifted students, like other groups in the general school population, possess unique potential and needs which can only be addressed through modification of the regular curriculum. ​​​

Rockford students may qualify for the Gifted Academy in kindergarten, and eligibility tests are administered every year for new applicants in subsequent grade levels.​

Gifted and CAPA Academies Open House:
  • Nov. 4, 2017 at 10 a.m. at Auburn High School​​
Testing dates:

Make-Up Testing:

​Summer Testing:

​​​Visit the Gifted Academy te​sting ​​page​​ for more information.​​

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Lisa Ryan
Dean of Gifted Services

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Director of Special Programs
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