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 Ready for Takeoff at Summerdale Airlines!

5/24/2019 12:00 AM

​Our students have the chance to take a trip around the Summerdale Early Childhood Center Airlines Vacation heavy work program stations. Summerdale Airlines is a series of travel-themed destinations spread throughout the school. Students travel between the stations while pulling or carrying luggage. The activity is intended for students who have difficulty sitting still or have trouble paying attention in the classroom. It can also be beneficial to other students for a variety of reasons. This program is an opportunity for all students to heighten their alertness by moving and putting in heavy work or proprioceptive input. Movement and heavy work can help students achieve their ideal level of alertness for classroom learning. The stations can be accessed any time of the day with a staff member’s supervision. We’re proud to say that we worked together and even contributed funds out of our own pockets to make this project possible.

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