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 Guilford Grad Continues Success in College

2/8/2019 8:00 AM

As parents, we want the best education for our kids because the best education means more opportunities. More opportunities equals a better paying job and life. When we were looking at colleges for our daughter, Carly, we were basically sold a line that without paying the price of a large house for our daughter to go to college, she would not be afforded a quality education and most likely denied opportunities. She has totally blown that stigma out of the water.

After graduating from Guilford High School in 2016, Carly attended Southern Illinois University​. She will graduate from SIU debt-free and with money in the bank, even after many study abroad trips. She was awarded a two-year Attorney General internship, and she was recently selected as a University Innovation Fellow by Stanford University. This summer Stanford will pay for Carly to study abroad in Dubai and teach a class about sustainability! We were told that experiences and internships of this caliber would only be awarded to students at expensive universities. We are quickly understanding that isn't true.

High achievement does not need to equal a high price tag. I truly believe there is power in taking advantage of those once in a lifetime opportunities during your college career. Any student can earn a fellowship or win a major internship.

Carly Kasicki, 2016 Guilford High School graduate.
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