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1/10/2020 11:43 AMMonica BayneBrian WeavelFamily and FriendsWe have invited great community leaders to participate.
Lincoln Middle School staff, with a goal to improve students’ lives, wanted to reach out to our parents and offer a central location to find valuable community and educational resources.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/BrianWeavel_ParentUniversity3_160x160.jpgBrian Weavel163/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/BrianWeavel_160x160.jpg#DF1382/205VIBE/Pages/Family-and-Friends.aspx1/10/2020 12:00 AMPublishedAll RPS 205 Families Invited to Parent University Jan. 25
12/17/2019 4:10 PMMonica BayneRPS 205 Alumni SpotlightFamily and FriendsI am grateful to all of them.
Throughout middle school and high school I had extraordinary mathematics teachers.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/JohnAlongi_160x160.pngRPS 205 Alumni Spotlight150/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/205VIBE_FamilyFriends_Alumni_bio.png#DF1382/205VIBE/Pages/Family-and-Friends.aspx12/17/2019 4:00 PMPublishedAlumni Spotlight: Guilford Grad & Northwestern University Professor John M. Alongi
12/4/2019 2:31 PMMonica BayneRPS 205 Alumni SpotlightFamily and FriendsPrimarily because the friends were there, and the classes were as fun as, well, classes can be!
I really loved middle and high school.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/KenLobb_160x160.jpgRPS 205 Alumni Spotlight150/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/205VIBE_FamilyFriends_Alumni_bio.png#DF1382/205VIBE/Pages/Family-and-Friends.aspx12/4/2019 12:00 PMPublishedAlumni Spotlight: West Grad & Xbox Game Studios Creative Director Ken Lobb
11/26/2019 1:23 PMMonica BayneKym BlanchardFamily and FriendsAt Auburn, I know that my child is loved and cared for daily.
Auburn High School has been a welcoming place of acceptance where all students matter.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/KymBlanchard_AHS_160x160.jpgKym Blanchard159/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/KymBlanchard_160x160.jpg#DF1382/205VIBE/Pages/Family-and-Friends.aspx11/26/2019 12:00 PMPublishedThe Vibe on RPS 205
11/19/2019 1:40 PMMonica BayneRPS 205 Alumni SpotlightFamily and FriendsThe teachers truly gave more than was expected.
Now that I am attending a college where a large portion of the student body attended preparatory schools, it amazes me how well the gifted program prepared me with so few resources.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/FreyLemonholm_160x160.jpgRPS 205 Alumni Spotlight150/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/205VIBE_FamilyFriends_Alumni_bio.png#DF1382/205VIBE/Pages/Family-and-Friends.aspx11/19/2019 12:00 PMPublishedAlumni Spotlight: Auburn High School Grad Frey Lemonholm
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