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 Early Awareness, Effort Key to Student-Athlete Success

2/4/2019 8:00 AM

​Rockford Public Schools provides a variety of extracurricular experiences to enhance the development of our students. We maintain academics as a priority, with athletics serving as a tool to help advance and enhance student-athletes in the classroom and prepare them for successful futures. We make every effort to offer our student-athletes the best coaching, facilities and equipment to help make their experiences positive. 

Eight years ago, Rockford Public Schools Athletic and Curriculum departments took the lead in organizing, streamlining and disseminating information regarding the NCAA Eligibility Center, the NCAA core course curriculum and the SAT. We have been working closely with school counselors, coaches, athletic directors and the Executive Director of College and Career Readiness, Bridget French, to ensure we are doing everything we can to help our student-​athletes succeed and qualify for NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA opportunities and scholarships. They shared tools available to schools, coaches, parents and student-athletes:

Free SAT Prep Classes
RPS 205 is offering free SAT prep courses on Saturdays in February and March! RPS 205 teachers provide students quality instruction, giving them the opportunity to develop content knowledge and test taking strategies. Students who attend all four sessions will receive a $25 Visa gift card incentive from First Midwest Group. Learn more about SAT prep. Sign up for SAT prep.

Early Awareness of NCAA Truths
RPS 205 school counselors Dan Appino from Auburn High School and Adrianne Robertson from East High School say students, parents and athletic coaches at all levels need to be familiar with these NCAA truths if they aspire to see their athletes qualify to receive a college athletic scholarship:

  1. The NCAA calculates only college core courses for GPA
  2. College core courses = English, Math, Science, Social Science, World Language                          
  3. Students should take at least four college core courses per year
  4. Students should strive to earn a B or higher in college core courses
  5. Getting the best SAT or ACT score possible will help your core course GPA

Early awareness of these truths, before freshman year, plays a key role in the future ​​of our student-athletes! If corrections or improvements are needed, learning the ins and outs of athletic eligibility as a junior or senior in high school is too late.

Student-athletes who apply serious attention and energy to their core course grades demonstrate both strong academic aptitude and personal character to all college coaches. If a talented high school athlete has good character and is academically qualified, she/he can achieve an athletic scholarship.

Find more information on the NCAA Eligibility Center website or the High School Planning Guide, beginning on page 36.​

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